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where styles make fights and where brute force meets technical precision. You will need to build a strong gym, hire the best possible coaches and build your reputation as you attempt your ascent to the top.


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Unlockable technical archive featuring annotated, battle-tested techniques to improve your real life fight IQ. Plus 72 quiz questions to test your knowledge.
ELO based fighter rankings with an intelligent AI matchmaking system generates logical fight cards.
Complex simulation FIGHT ENGINE features HUNDREDS OF TECHNIQUES including throws, shots, trips, strikes, transitions and submissions.
24 fight ending submission types, dozens of knock out techniques, alongside an ever changing and realistic 10 must judging system, disqualifications and TKO stoppages.
Around 22’620 randomly generated character appearance combinations including fighters, managers, coaches and judges, plus the ability to import custom appearances.
Compete against AI managers and buy out all four organizations to dominate the global MMA market.
Upgrade your gym and manage fighters across 4 weight classes, including a women's category, and four organizations in a dynamic world of 160 fighters.
Also featuring an original soundtrack, prodigy/wunderkind development, sponsorship agreements, Hall of Fame systems AND MORE!
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