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Vectormatrix Ltd Image Viewer is a fast, effective and convenient image viewer with various advanced features including video-game-like controls, all designed for maximum speed and maneuverability! Full-screen mode without controls in only two button presses ensures that your images feel as real as they can get! See below for more details.

Versatile, fast and straight to the point image viewer.
Convenient and effective mechanics.
Simple interface for an optimal image viewing experience.
Hide on screen controls quickly and easily.
Cycle images with A & D, NumPad 4 & 6, mousewheel or on-screen button.
Toggle between "cycle scroll" or "zoom" with middle-mouse.
Watch slideshows at custom speeds (good for testing animation frames also).
Watch animated gif files.
Supports .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .jfif, .tif and .tiff file types.
Detects and skips unreadable files.
Cycle through compatible image types inside image folder.
Alphanumeric cycle ordering.
Filter for .gif files only when watching slideshows.
Open file location instantly with right click or O key.
"Raw zoom" and "zoom to cursor" instant toggle.
Center and fit image at the press of a button.
Change background color/image behind images.
Toggle transparency for applicable images.
Move image around the screen.
Rotate image through 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees.
Flip images in combination with rotate.
Reads file paths up to the Windows MAX_PATH limit (248 characters of max path, 260 for filename length).
Autocenter images when zooming.
Multiple Fullscreen shortcut keys isolate the image to maximum resolution in almost no time.
Step through .gif files frame by frame.
Combine the above for your perfect image viewing experience!

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